We are Cirrus
The Leader In Media Evaluation

Over 450 Clients with the biggest names from Banking, IT, Automobile, Telecom and 28 other sectors

The Cirrus Universe
Widest Reach

9 Offices, 230 Countries, 170 Languages

The Cirrus Universe
Partner of Choice

13 PR Agencies (4 out of top 5 Global), 5 International Research Firms

The Cirrus Universe
Unmatched Scale

7 Million Print News Clips, 180 Billion Posts, 54 Million Mailers Each Year

We Are Cirrus
Pioneers in Scientific Media Analysis

We are strategic partners in media perception and corporate reputation management.
We deconstruct data and synthesize it into actionable intelligence

The Soul of a Startup

It all started in 2000 with a group of passionate entrepreneurs. We built a business from an idea that since has developed into the industry standard. In 2007 ADAG invested in Cirrus. In 2011 Cirrus became part of the DDB-Omnicom group. In 2014, DDB divested its stake, and Cirrus is now the only independent Media Evaluation and Monitoring agency in India.

Thought Leader in Image Measurement

Cirrus measures and interprets your brand reputation across print, broadcast, online and social media to get you on-time intelligence to manage your brand. We help you see more than what meets the eye

Human Virtuoso
The Cirrus Edge

The best and the brightest analytic minds complement the latest of datamining algorithms to give you the most accurate and unbiased account of past performance, current slant and future projections

Technical Supremacy
Robust Infrastructure, Global Technology

Over 1400 servers crunching massive real-time data and cutting edge data-management technology ensures that you have your ear to the ground, always, everywhere. This is the future of media mapping.

Cirrus Print

Fastest Delivery - 8 a.m.
Massive Archive - Since 2009
One Stop Shop - Listen, Measure, Interpret
Best in Class Analytics - Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies
Cirrus MethodologyTM - Compliant with Barcelona Principles

Cirrus Online

Glocal Span - 230 Countries, 170 Languages
Big Data - 150 Million Websites, 1400 Servers at Work
Visibility Metrics - Reach, Pageviews, Engagement & More
Revolutionary Social Media Analytics - 10+ Social Platforms
Critical Benchmarking Tools - Virality, Heat Maps, Themes

Our International Business

Leading the industry in global cutting edge media analysis

Perception & Quant
Taking Research to the Next Level

Our revolutionary 360 degrees approach that metamorphoses perception to measurement and quant to actionable wisdom

P&Q Online
Fusing Extreme Technology with Human Brilliance

The best of technology and the finest brains across the globe combine to give you a product that Listens, Measures and Interprets

P&Q Syndicated
Partner Our Research Prowess

P&Q Syndicated is used by leading international research agencies and big media houses for a wide range of research exercises including national/international studies and surveys.

We are Hiring
Looking for dreamers

We are always looking for self-driven, motivated team players!
We want your expertise, dedication, honesty and ideas to help us achieve our goals and in turn you will be associated with a growing global company that will leave a lasting imprint on your life.

Aside from our current vacancies, we will also gladly receive your proactive application. Send your application to hrd@cirrus.co.in

What gets measured, gets managed

Peter Drucker

It is a capital mistake to theorize
before one has data

Arthur Conan Doyle

If you torture the data long enough,
it will confess

Ronald Coase

What We Do
Redefining Media Analysis

An All-encompassive Solution to Measure Your PR Efforts

News Watch Print
Fastest Delivery

The Cirrus technology platform ensures news flow into your exclusive digital bin from as early as 7.30 a.m. in the morning

News Watch Online
Biggest Universe

With a source pool of 150 million websites across 230 countries in over 170 languages, you can hear every pin drop across the globe

Social Media Listening
10+ Social Platforms

Revolutionary technology that access real-time Twitter Full Firehose, FB, Youtube, Flickr, Instagram, Vimeo, Linkedin and more

Print Analytics
Blunt Truth, Brilliant Insights

The Cirrus Methodology based on our unique editorial metric provides a 360 degrees overview of your media exposure and impact

Online Analytics
Big Data with Brains

Cirrus online analytics fuses extreme technology with human brilliance. Big data restructured into actionable intelligence

Social Media Analytics
Noise to Symphony

We synthesize automated social media trends into insights and recalibrate insights into strategy

Wide-Ranging Global Offerings
For Everything That You May Need

Online News
Social Media
'C' Suite
    • Print Analytics
    • News Watch Online
    • News Watch Print
    • P&Q Syndicated
    • P&Q 'C' Suite

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News Watch

  • Most Comprehensive News Coverage - 80% coverage by 8.00 a.m.
  • Client + 5 competitors + Industry
  • 24*7*365 access to one-stop Online Archive
  • Responsive Formats -€“ iOS & Android
  • DIY tools for Tagging, Dossier, Mail, Export
  • Historical data since 2009


  • Scientific Visibility & Image Analysis
  • Message House Analysis
  • Executive Impact
  • Opportunity-to-see Media Trends & Outreach
  • Extensive Byline Mapping
  • Competitive Benchmarking

News Watch

  • All over the net - 150 million Websites
  • Go Glocal - 230 countries, 170 languages
  • Fastest Delivery
  • Access to intelligent dashboards
  • Access to custom formatted Word/PDF dossiers



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